Hey... I'm Jake Rose

A passionate Game Programmer at Champlain College with a focus on Networking and Systems/Tools Development for Game Engines.


2021 Champlain College Portfolio Reel


JunkPunk: Arena

Fall 2020  Spring 2021
5 Team Members  12 Team Members
UnityC#Capstone Steam ReleaseLead ProgrammerNetwork ProgrammerMirror NetworkingUnreleased

Create the robot of destruction you have been dreaming about, then throw it in the destruction arena. Build it up, Tear it down!

Samplify: A Tool to Explore Sounds

Summer 2018  Ongoing
Solo Project
JUCEC++DAW Support Free Download

My Passion Project developed during breaks at Champlain. Written in C++ using the JUCE Library, Samplify's goals are to be a musical playground for producers to find new sounds in their music library in a fun new way, then easily put it into their music creation software.

Five-Finger Gunslinger

Spring 2020 Semester  Summer 2020
6 Team Members 8 Team Members
UnityC#Steam Release Networking ProgrammerPhoton

A competative PvE Arena Battle game. Fight to be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Based off the imaginary fights from childhood, choose your favorite class and battle it out for the title of Coolest Kid in the West.

Time Capsule
Notre Dame

Fall 2019 Semester
Myself and One Artist
UnityC#HTC ViveUnreleased

A quick project myself and an artist made for our Emerging Media final on our semester in Montreal. The project went beyond the call due to our passion in creating our original vision, and our demo tries to do things unseen in VR yet. Gameplay video included in link. There is also a lot of interest to revive this idea in the future!


Summer 2016
Solo Project
RadientGSC (Custom C Based Language)Steam Workshop

A custom zombies map for Black Ops 3 Zombies, Skyscraper was a three-month project using Radient, the Call of Duty Development Tools. With over 1500 downloads, I say it was a successful first map release!

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Fall 2019 Semester
Myself and One Programmer
UnityC#Network Programming Unreleased

Developed a networked IO game using Valve Sockets that was able to have many players all connect and compete against each other in a race, Tony Hawk Downhill Jam Style. My first endevor in the realm of networked video games.

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Core Beliefs

I am a passionate programmer with a love for creating the system architecture behind programs. My favorite aspect of coding is the fact that in every single one of my other interests, programming could improve the situation. From using an Arduino to create a custom light strip for my bedroom to creating an app to help music producers find new sounds. I can do all this with the laptop in my backpack.